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Supplement of the Month: Vitamin D

January 28, 2011

No vitamin has gotten as much attention lately as Vitamin D.   That is because so many



benefits have been found from improving vitamin D levels in addition to the long recognized benefit to bone health. These benefits include prevention of strokes, heart disease and some cancers.  Many scientists believe the recommended allowance for Vitamin D is too low.  Low levels of Vitamin D are widespread, especially in the elderly and people who spend little time outdoors, where the sun’s rays convert cholesterol to Vitamin D in your skin.  Ask your doctor to test your 25-hydroxyvitamin D level to see if you need to supplement your diet with vitamin D and if you do, a good source of vitamin D3 is preferred. Although the new DRI (formerly RDA) has been increased to 600IU for most adults, you may need over 1000IU a day to get your levels up to 30 nanograms per milliliter, which is the new normal according to experts.

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